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Why Soul Matters & Finding Your Perfect Real Estate Broker

Dec 8, 2017

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Everyone knows that size matters, right? Home buyers are perhaps looking for a larger home, a big yard for the kids, a 3-car garage while sellers are looking for the possibility of an escalated purchase price, giving them the largest “profit” or equity return on what is often their single largest investment. Of course, these common objectives are completely valid but unique to every individual or family.

It’s frequently said that real estate brokers are only interested in the size of a commission check. While some are, the true real estate professionals are the ones who listen, communicate straightforwardly, go-to-bat for their clients and solidly guide them right up to the moment they hand-off the keys. Realtors who build relationships are the ones that believe soul matters over size of their payday.

Soulful brokers can make the difference between a dry, transactional experience in purchasing or selling a home or one where they’re actively holding your hand as you write the next chapter of your story. A soulful broker understands the complexities of emotion, the frustration of not winning a bid on yet another home, the uncontrollable excitement of reaching mutual acceptance on that place of dreams.

When soul matters, the evidence points to competence, attentiveness, confidence and respect. A broker’s duty to guarantee the best interests of the client is coupled with the ability to remain calm as every unseen effort is made to close the deal. These are just some of the lasting hallmarks of a soulful broker.

But don’t take my word for it. When seeking broker recommendations from friends, family or colleagues, ask about the experience they had throughout the sale. Did they feel informed, singularly important and supported from beginning to end? Was it a fun - or at least a captivating - adventure? When interviewing brokers, ask about their philosophy and why they like their work? If s/he answers with heart rather than rehearsed jargon, you’ve found a broker with soul.

Bringing soul into the practice of real estate positively adds to the overall experience for all parties involved including lenders, inspectors, escrow agents and other brokers. The process becomes engaging and uplifting rather than an ordeal strewn with stress and uncertainty. Choosing a soulful real estate professional dramatically increases the chances that a win/win for everyone is the well-earned reward at the end of the road.


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