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With the shifting seasons comes change. The leaves turn red and gold, kids head back to school, and it gets cold and wet. We start tracking in the mud and the needles and find ourselves cleaning our floors more often. And we start noticing an influx of crawling critters in our cozy homes.  

Jun 30, 2016

Written by:

Robyne Curry

You’re packed and ready to go. The cooler’s in the car and your emergency contacts have a copy of your itinerary. Yep, you’re vacation ready. But is your house?

Jun 9, 2016

Written by:

Charly Tate

Whether you live in a secluded home on the water or you share walls with your neighbors in an apartment or condo, smoke detectors are essential to the safety of you and your loved ones. They undoubtedly save lives, and give residents the chance to make it out safely when disaster strikes.

May 11, 2016

Written by:

Robyne Curry

If you paid Uncle Sam more than necessary last year and an income tax refund has your name on it, you’ve no doubt compiled a long list of items to spend or splurge your money on.

Apr 19, 2016

Written by:

Michael Ackerman

If you're ready to sell, you may think a quick cleanup and elimination of clutter is all it takes to get your home open house ready. But for buyers, an emotional connection is important, and making that happen may take a little more effort! 

I don’t know about you, but after the gray winter we had, I'm craving some color and light. Does spring have you inspired to spruce up your interior? You’re not alone! Here are some easy, and inexpensive ways to bring new life into your home.

Home prices are up so it’s a good time to sell. But the market is tight because inventory is so low, so where will you buy once you sell? Faced with this very dilemma, plus other factors such as loving their neighborhood or not wanting to leave their children’s school district, many homeowners are opting to remodel their homes rather than sell. In fact, a team of Harvard researchers estimate that spending on home improvement projects will jump nearly 7% by the end of June.

There’s so much emphasis on preparing for old man winter, then before you know it the mad rush of spring cleaning arrives. But what if you got a head start and did more than just a deep house cleaning? Just as you shift your home maintenance routines for the colder winter weather, you should consider what to change as the temperature rises.

If you decorated or threw a party for the holidays, odds are you’re still finding glitter, tinsel, needles, and confetti all over the house. There are probably a few scuffs, scratches and stains on your floors that you don’t remember seeing before, too. So how can you refresh your floors without completely redoing your hardwood?

If the popularity, not to mention the proliferation, of home-improvement shows is any indication, dreaming doesn’t stop once we actually own a piece of the American Dream. Indeed, programs on HGTV or DIY Network that tackle a remodel, a renovation or a simple redesign – in about an hour or less, thanks to the magic of television – only stoke our imagination and desire to remake our houses.

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