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Once, a Jetsons kind of life seemed like a pipe dream, the stuff of cartoons. Well, even pipe dreams come true. Though we’re not yet zipping through the sky to commute to and from work, today’s smart home technology is making many of our daily commutes more than just a way home. Example:

Note to self: remember to buy more light bulbs.  

Light bulbs are one of those things I never remember to get when I'm running errands or on my big bimonthly grocery run. At home, bulbs seem to evaporate and disappear, like socks. Before I know it, the entire package is empty. So I head to the store and I stare at the boxes on the shelf. Fluorescent, LED, and incandescent; oh my. Which ones have I been using? Is that what I really want? Will that work in my kitchen can lights? Help! 

With the shifting seasons comes change. The leaves turn red and gold, kids head back to school, and it gets cold and wet. We start tracking in the mud and the needles and find ourselves cleaning our floors more often. And we start noticing an influx of crawling critters in our cozy homes.  

Mar 20, 2014

Written by:

Charly Tate

Everyone loves a scenic drive on a warm and sunny day, leaving our cares behind and feeling the wind in our hair. The same wind whips through our neighborhoods and cities, and we often take it for granted and don’t even enjoy it, especially when it’s cold! It may mess up your hair, but wind also provides incredible power.

How much do we really know about building and living green? Does it mean you have to ditch your car and walk to work? Do you have to stop showering every day? Do you have to grow your own vegetables? Simply put, no. But being mindful about the impact of your choices is always wise.

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