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The Increasing Want and Need for Smart Home Technology

Oct 24, 2016



When you think of smart home technology, you may imagine The Jetsons, or Tony Stark's J.A.R.V.I.S. The convenience offered by such high-tech systems seems out of reach, and maybe even impossible. But advancements in digital and automated systems are moving so fast, you might be surprised what the definition of a smart home actually is. In fact, you may already be living in one. 

By the end of 2016, almost half of all Americans will either own smart home technology or invest in it, and it's not just tech savvy folks jumping on the bandwagon. Integrating cutting edge technology into your lifestyle at home is the perfect way to make life easier by simplifying tasks and increasing security. And should you list your home, buyers will love the robust safety and energy-saving features. 


So in today's real estate market, how important is smart home technology?  

It's clear that the want and need for smart home technology is only going to grow. If your home has an internet connection (whether cable, satellite or DSL), you've got the foundation for building your smart home. Here are just a few examples of how you can get started, or expand your smarts. 

  1. Security. This is big with homeowners. Naturally, we associate home with safety. Installing a security system, especially one with a camera, is ideal. The best system options allow you to set timers, lock/unlock your home from your mobile app (wherever you are), and include facial recognition and infrared motion sensors.  
  2. Smart thermostats and lighting. It's all about saving energy and money. Cutting edge systems use sensors which can detect an empty room, helping you optimize your settings. Cutting down on unnecessary energy usage is a key market driver in smart home adoption: we all want more green in the bank. 
  3. That’s entertainment! Not surprisingly, we're looking for the latest and greatest in staying connected and enjoying our favorite shows. Entertainment is often the first smart-home technology owners adopt, such as smart TVs and speaker systems. 

There's more! Get smart with your appliances and outdoor watering systems, or even your fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Want the full story on what makes a home smart? Take a peek at Coldwell Banker's Smart Home guide. If you're thinking about selling, work with your agent to highlight your home's existing smart features.


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