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The Homeowner's Role in Remodeling

Mar 15, 2016

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Home prices are up so it’s a good time to sell. But the market is tight because inventory is so low, so where will you buy once you sell? Faced with this very dilemma, plus other factors such as loving their neighborhood or not wanting to leave their children’s school district, many homeowners are opting to remodel their homes rather than sell. In fact, a team of Harvard researchers estimate that spending on home improvement projects will jump nearly 7% by the end of June.

Remodeling is an exciting undertaking and one that can completely change how you feel about your house and the way you live in it. Remodeling is also a complicated undertaking with a lot (read: big bucks) at stake. Because most homeowners are new to remodeling when they begin, they’re like babes in the woods, naïve about how it all works and what to expect, except in their role as financier, writing those big buck checks.


With so much on the line it behooves homeowners to have a better understanding of the remodeling process and their role in it. Want to know more?

Download an extract from our recent webinar, Remodeling & You: The Homeowner’s Role, and pick up essential tips to make your home improvement project a success.

  • Learn how to effectively communicate with your contractor
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