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Streets of Dreams: Our Favorite Roads Lead Us Home

Jan 2, 2019



Sheryl Crow sang, “Everyday is a Winding Road” and the Beatles mused about traveling home on a “Long and Winding Road”. In the 80’s even Eddy Grant soloed about “Electric Avenue”. Our culture is filled with songs about streets, avenues and roads. Homes that are located on these passageways each have a different aspect to them. As I show houses to clients, I am enamored with some of the wonderful roads I travel on. The roads that lead to our houses are an extension of who we are and represent what our homes mean to us. They are the passageways to the dream of home ownership.

Traveling in the country, you see some of the most wonderful routes that represent Americana. A sight to see is a heavily forested road with tree limbs that canopy above with a blue-sky background like Michelangelo’s 16th Chapel masterpiece. There’s something magical about driving after a windstorm and dodging a green mosaic of limbs fallen from the trees above. Not to be missed are country roads along open fields of livestock providing the wholesome essence of home.  

Roads with views of water or mountains are majestic. Coastal roads or those around lakes are as soothing as a sandy beach. Driving along a shoreline with glimpses of glistening water, while wind blows through your hair, provides life-long memories. No doubt a sublime perspective is had when traveling along a mountain-view road, like when you crest the hill on Highway 410. As you enter Bonney Lake and see Mount Rainier standing as a pillar in the sky, it is a stark reminder of the beauty of our surroundings.

In the city, stately streets with grand homes provide a sense of glamour. With wide sidewalks and well-lit avenues, the streets seem to shine like diamonds. Downtown streets have tall skyscrapers of elite condominiums that seem to rise to the top of the atmosphere. Not to be forgotten, old-town streets, like in West Seattle, provide a glimpse of yesteryear, where neighbors knew each other like family. Even today, these neighborhoods are a close knit community and provide the “walkability” that is so popular in today’s world.

The houses we live in along these paved passageways represent our region’s allure. Surely, it’s one of the reasons why real estate is such an important part of our lives. So, enjoy your journeys or while you are resting on your front porch and gaze at the scenery before you. The streets do have a name and they aren’t the boulevards of broken dreams. The one thing these roads have in common is that they all lead to a dream. That dream is a home.

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