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Selling Soon? Mismatching Decor Could Cost You Money

Mar 29, 2018


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Mismatching colors may have been the rage in the 80’s, but in today’s real estate market, you may want to avoid stark contrasting colors and materials. Planning is a major component to a house sale. Much preparation may be done over the months leading up to listing. In fact, during the years living in your house, the décor you choose may eventually play a part in your overall value when you do decide to sell. Have fun, be original and make your house your own, but remember, miss-matching could cost you money. The following are some common mistakes that sellers make when trying to maximize value:

Mismatching wood floors: Avoid having different colors of laminate flooring. Wood laminate flooring is a very popular home addition. It is sleek, shows well and some varieties wear very well, especially with pets. Similar styles of flooring allow a room to flow. Like a “danger” road closed sign, the differing colors and textures that comes with contrasting styles abruptly ends a room’s energy. Likewise, avoid adding laminate when you already have hardwood floors.

Mismatching carpet: Much like grating fingers on a chalkboard, having two clashing carpet colors or textures can make a viewer cringe. Not only is it a negative to walk from one room to the next and see a different color or style of carpet, but even rooms that are on different sides of the house that have different colors or textures, can have an adverse effect. You see this often occurs when the homeowner doesn’t want to hassle the need for moving furniture, to replace older carpet in a room they barely use. If you do have differing carpets, some styles, like Berber, can be a nice change up.

Mismatching appliances: Replacing all the appliances, but leaving one of the older models dates a kitchen. Generally, the refrigerator is the first to be added, followed by the range. Amazingly, the dishwasher seems to be the last to be replaced. Leaving one or more older appliance negates the visual upgrade because the dated appliance reinforces the actual age of the house. A few hundred dollars for a new appliance will transform a kitchen. The cost will be less than the value lost by a kitchen that isn’t quite there.

Mismatching interior doors: Un-matching interior doors are amazingly common. Often times a hole in a door or pet scratches will prompt a home owner to replace a bedroom door. Try as best you can to replace it with a door that matches in color and style. A door that doesn’t blend stands out.

Mismatching paint: Some homeowners love to paint multiple walls various colors. Much like a tattoo, if you do it once, you want to do it again and again and again. Being creative with the colors you choose is great. Just make sure that the paint you choose blends well with each other. Having an accent wall that doesn’t blend with the dominant color is a no-no.

Your home is your palace and you want it to represent your tastes, but what you like isn’t necessarily what your viewers or buyers will prefer. Planning ahead, using colors, styles and textures that flow will benefit you in the long run. If not, remember, mismatching could cost you money.


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