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Make Your Listing Show-Ready

Nov 9, 2018



As the market changes, preparations for showings are more important than ever. Getting your house to the listing stage is a huge accomplishment. Removing personal items from view and achieving a spotless house is a chore for many. Now it’s time to go live and activate your listing. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. A buyer’s visit to your listing will be a determining factor whether they place an offer. Because showings often come quick and rapid, you want to be prepared. The following are some helpful tips to keep your house prepared for showings:

Personal items: We all know a house can get messy quickly. Having some sort of box that you can throw your personal items and toys in, will enable you to dash out of the house at a seemingly moment’s notice.

Bathrooms: If the goal is to remove personalization from a home, a smeared shower door shatters that illusion. Use a squeegee to keep the shower looking clean. Also, whether because of Feng Shui concepts or for just being unsightly, a big no-no is keeping the toilet seat up. Always, always, keep the lid closed.

Kitchen: Keep your dishes out of sight. After use, immediately place them in the dishwasher. You may also want to keep cooking basic. A showing can occur at any time of the day. Consider making simple meals that allow for quick clean up. Also, stay away from “smelly” meals such as fish or cabbage.

Blinds/curtains open: While safety is always the first concern, keep in mind that a bright open house will often show better that one that is dark. Considering keeping your curtains and blinds open for showings.

Music playing: Soothing and relaxing music, like smooth jazz, often adds a great ambiance to a showing. Find a good station or stream that can set the correct mood for your showings.

Spend time out of the house: Finally, plan on being out of the house as much as possible. The easier the access for showings, the more potential buyers can see your home without interruption. After all, isn’t the goal for a viewer to fall in love with your home?

Having a “show ready” house will enhance a buyer’s viewing and increase the chances for an offer. Depersonalization of your house and its most basic uses will enable a buyer to envision themselves in your house. Your listing broker will “coach” you on how to get your home ready to list. Now the task is for you to keep it looking as pristine for showings as it was the day you listed.

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