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How Will You Spend Your Tax Refund?

May 11, 2016

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If you paid Uncle Sam more than necessary last year and an income tax refund has your name on it, you’ve no doubt compiled a long list of items to spend or splurge your money on.

Since becoming a homeowner I’ve dutifully, some might say obsessively, plowed my refund back into the house, either for a much needed repair or an upgrade that made me happy, like new windows. I figured I owed my hefty refund to having a house – as a renter my refunds barely covered a nice shopping spree – so the house should be the biggest beneficiary. Over the years I’ve paid for a French drain, part of a roof and new drawers and doors for my kitchen cabinets thanks to my tax refund. Granted, these weren’t the most exciting expenditures but life got a lot more pleasant once water stopped flooding the basement and I could open or close a kitchen drawer with the slightest touch.


The Internal Revenue Service says this year’s average tax refund is $3,120. That’s not exactly chump change and without batting an eye I can think of at least 50 ways to spend it, including a quick trip to Paris (I know, that won’t improve my home but it would improve my mood!). What about you? How will you spend your “found money”?

If you need suggestions, read our 21 Genius Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund guide. From practical maintenance to fun tech toys we’ve rounded up nearly two dozen ways to improve, enhance or just enjoy your home more thanks to good ol’ Uncle Sam.

  • Learn which under-$3K home upgrades really pay off
  • Understand why appliances are a good call for your windfall
  • Find out how a $199 app can help you keep tabs on Fido

Download 21 Genius Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund now.


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