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House Hunting And Finding "The One"

Jul 30, 2015

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I bought my first house, a 1913 Craftsman bungalow, because it looked like the quintessential Seattle house that I’d been in a million times but never thought I could own. So smitten was I that I didn’t see it was a fixer, only that it was in my price range and had all the charm and character (and dedicated dining room) that I was looking for.

Fifteen years later I bought my current house, a 1922 Craftsman bungalow (yeah, I have a thing for Craftsman bungalows), because after being initially unimpressed, I recalled how solid the house felt walking through it, how not one board of the 88-year old wood floors dared creak, and how with just a little cosmetic TLC the tired old dear could become a diva.


Most buyers know the kind of house they want to live in and set out to find it with a wish list of must-haves for the home. And yet, many of us end up with houses that don’t even come close to what we were looking for. With my second house, I thought I wanted mid-century modern. I was wrong.

When searching for her family’s home, Michelle Van Tassell, branch manager in Coldwell Banker Bain’s Mercer Island office, had a list of all the things the house would have to have. “I got none of it,” she says. “The house is way too small, has no garage and only one bathroom. But it’s where I wanted to live for a very long time.”

How does this happen? What magic makes us fall in love with a house that’s light-years away from the one we envision? If buying a house can turn on the tug of a heartstring, how will we know when we’ve found our one, true love?

Check out our How to Find the Right House Buyer’s Guide and learn 10 sure-fire ways to tell when you’ve found your home sweet home.

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