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Four Tips To Help Your Realtor Help You Purchase A Home

Nov 6, 2012

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When they are ready to purchase, most buyers have a laundry list of items they want for their next home. In today’s market when inventory is low in some price ranges, we are again seeing multiple offers.

I would like to share some tips that you, as a new or seasoned buyer, can do to help your agent do a great job and keep your stress level down.

Realtors care about the experience they want for their clients so any questions and proactive help is always welcome. Here are a few things you can do to help us do our job effectively for positive results:

  1. Understanding the data. Ask your broker for the current market trends for the area in which you are looking. Some may think this information is only needed when you are selling a home, but in fact it is one of the most important tools to help you determine how you will prepare and present an offer. This will help you understand the urgency, inventory and price you may want to present.
  2. List and Prioritize. Be clear on what you want and prioritize in order of importance. Most buyers come in with a large list of items but really don’t understand the order of importance for their situation. Writing them down and numbering them in importance helps find the home you need in this competitive market. Rarely do buyers get everything on their wish list and understanding what is important and what is optional can help you and your broker focus.
  3. Flexibility. With the current low inventory, your list of 20 items may need to be reduced to10. Think outside the box with after market enhancement instead of finding that perfect home. Many times you can find a home that is a little cheaper if you do the work after the purchase has closed.
  4. Let Your Agent Do His Job. If you have hired a Realtor you will have done your homework. You hired them for their knowledge and experience so use that to your advantage for getting your dream home.

These few items will only help you and your broker find the home you need in this competitive market. Communication is the biggest thing and these will get you started on the right track. Good luck and Happy Hunting!

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