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Find A Neighborhood That Fits

Nov 19, 2015


which neighborhood is right for you

I love peace and quiet. So much so that when, years ago, I knew I’d be moving from a small, rural town of fewer than 5,000 people to a major metropolitan area, I purposely savored the silence, hanging on to a hush so awesome you could practically hear your heart beat any time of day. Quiet like that, I knew, would never again be so ordinary for me.

And yet, as much as I love stillness, I never considered anywhere but the city when it came time to buy a house. Clean, country air is amazing and you can’t beat the suburbs for big-box stores with free and ample parking. But I like being close to things. I mean, walking-distance close. And if I can’t walk to it I like being able to hop on a bus or light rail or other form of public transportation. Because I adore the arts, I like knowing that at the end of a play, a lecture, a concert or a night at the opera I can get back home in about 15 minutes or less, if I don’t hit too many traffic lights. Plus, all my friends live in the city, which makes weekend get-togethers easier to plan and execute.


Because I stayed true to my personality and the way I wanted to live, I found a house I love in a neighborhood that’s perfect for me.

It’s been said that when you buy a house you buy the neighborhood too. And who you are has a huge impact on where you’ll want to live. Can you predict the kind of ‘hood you should call home? Take our fun quiz to learn what your personality says about where you should hang your hat.

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