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Essential Apps to Simplify Your Home Life

Sep 19, 2017

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Not so long ago, the idea of managing your entire life on one device seemed impossible. Now, the phone you use for everything can talk to other devices, sharing information and notifications. Make the most of this technology at home!

Hands-Free Calling

The speakerphone option isn’t exactly new. But thanks to integrations with Google Home and Amazon Echo, you can make a call without touching your phone, from just about anywhere in your home.

Safety & Comfort

Apps like nest, IFTTT and WeMo are all compatible with the latest phone and Smarthome devices. Dim the lights, secure the locks, have peace of mind… whether you’re in your home or halfway around the world on vacation.


A little over a decade ago, texting was one of the first new lifechanging cell phone features. Thanks to apps like iMessage, MightyText and Pushbullet, you can send a message from your computer, Google Home or Amazon Echo (Dot) while your phone is tucked away in your bag, or in a completely different room. Did you know? You can even text from your email.

Rock Out

Home speaker systems were once reserved for luxury homes and the wealthy. Thanks to your Google Home or Amazon Echo, you can easily ask your device to play an artist or a song, from your own digital library or just about anywhere online, and voila! Turn your home into a formal dance studio or an energetic club, depending on your preference.

A New Home

Did you know Coldwell Banker has an Amazon Alexa Skill? Simply say, “Alexa, Ask Coldwell Banker for the Home of the Week” to get the latest details. There’s also the Coldwell Banker Bain app, NW Home Search (available for Android or iPhone), which makes it easy to find your new home in the Pacific Northwest.

Make your life easier and take advantage of this technology that’s already available!


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