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Due Diligence When Buying a Home: How Much Is Enough?

Mar 30, 2016



How much is enough when it comes to investigating what will most likely be your largest financial investment?

Don’t stop with just the home inspection. That will cover the basics, but make sure you thoroughly investigate the home and property, neighborhood, and other factors that will come into play for the life that you will be leading in your home.

When you’re going to invest half a million dollars or more, it’s worth it to spend some time and money making sure that it’s the right investment for you and will make financial sense in the long run.

While the Purchase & Sale Agreement gives you, the Buyer, a lot of layers of protection, once that purchase closes and the home is yours, there aren’t many opportunities for you to change your mind and get your money back.

Work closely with your real estate agent during your inspection period to make sure you’re doing enough due diligence. Your time, effort, and money will be well spent.



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