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Deciphering the Latest Descriptors of Home Decor Style

Oct 31, 2018

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I’m a fan of home décor quizzes. Every few months, I dig for the latest style finders from websites like HGTV, Havenly and Laura & Wolf and can’t help but answer fun questions and pick photos of my favorite looks. Would you decorate with animal print? Nope. Are you a fan of bold color? Absolutely. After a moment of calculation, I’m presented my results, and lately I’ve been surprised to discover my style described as “happy modern,” “eclectic chic,” and “minimal eclectic.” Say what? 

Gone are the days when only traditional, mid-century modern and shabby-chic defined our taste. Those terms are still relevant, but in today’s world of design there are new descriptors that define décor on an even deeper level, combining familiar styles to create distinct looks. So, what are these latest terms and what do they really mean?

Happy Modern

Historically, I described myself as a mid-century mod lover, with eclectic accents and pops of color. Turns out, there’s a shorter term for this. Enter, happy modern. I’m big on positivity and hey, my last name means “cheerful,” so this is fabulous.

Modern Glam

If Art Deco and shabby-chic met in the middle, it would be modern glam. Sophistication and luxury dominate this trend, with a tad of over-the-top.

Urban Funk

A little bohemian, a little modern, urban funk is exactly what it sounds like: Hip, contemporary, and bold. Lovers of patterns, colors, pop art and sleek lines will enjoy this trend. 

New Country

Homes with polished and refurbished barn doors and elegantly exposed piping are what you’d call new country. It’s less rustic and more refined than farm and country styles of yesteryear.

Artful Bohemian

Inspired by international flare and exotic styles, an artful bohemian home would be filled with different colors and patterns everywhere you look.

Eclectic Collector

Anything goes with eclectic collector, from vintage rugs to industrial accents. Black and white art mixed with colorful pillows, traditional couches with fuzzy throws.

Truly, this list could be endless! But these terms will help get you started the next time you’re ready to update your décor and accessories for a fresh look.

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