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7 Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home Naturally

Sep 6, 2016

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With the shifting seasons comes change. The leaves turn red and gold, kids head back to school, and it gets cold and wet. We start tracking in the mud and the needles and find ourselves cleaning our floors more often. And we start noticing an influx of crawling critters in our cozy homes.  

Or maybe it's just me? I'm not personally bothered by spiders, but they tend to show up indoors more often in the fall, when the cold closes in at night and they find their way into our warm rooms. Whether or not spiders give you the creeps, you probably don't want them in your house.  


There are various ways to keep them at bay using harmful sprays and chemicals. But thankfully, there are also tried and true natural alternatives! So especially if you've got pets or kids, take note and be ready to keep your home happy and healthy. 

  1. Keep things dry and clean. This is a good starting point. Spiders love damp places, like bathrooms, and particularly love clutter. In the kitchen, old food will attract insects that will ultimately attract spiders. Organize and clean routinely, and you're less likely to find an unwelcome friend at the back of your closet. 

  2. Patch cracks and holes. Eliminating easy entry points in your home's foundation, walls, window and door frames can't hurt, especially since it may save you money on your energy bill 

  3. Check the exterior of your home for wood piles or leaves. Keeping your home clear could help deter copious amounts of critters. This is the perfect opportunity to clean out your gutters. 

  4. Grab the peppermint. Fill a spray bottle with some peppermint oil and spray in any trouble spots, like dark corners. Bonus: peppermint works on most other household pests too! 

  5. Peppermint not your thing? Try white vinegar, or any of these other fragrant essential oils: 
    • Eucalyptus  
    • Rose 
    • Cinnamon 
    • Lavender  
  6. Citrus peels can also repel spiders! But the effects are short-lived and when the peel dries, you'll have to replace it. 

  7. Get a pet. Cats will naturally go after just about anything that runs across your floor. But be mindful of poisonous spiders in your home. 

Got any spider deterrents you swear by? Share them below! In the meantime, enjoy the returning sweater weather and warm coffees. 


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