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4 Easy Holiday Home Fragrance Ideas

Dec 20, 2016

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orange and clove

Scrambling for the perfect holiday fragrance to accompany your awesome décor this year? There’s still time to create your own custom blend! Avoid chemical filled plug-ins and toxic sprays, and be inspired by pine, cinnamon and orange. Your guests will love these ideas and the happy holiday memories will be that much sweeter.


Christmas Potpourri

Gather dried fruits, pine cones, flower petals, and place everything in a bowl for a lovely and inviting centerpiece. Bonus: wrap in a pretty baggy with a ribbon and give away the goodness.

Festive Oranges

Grab whole oranges and cloves to create artsy and sweet attention grabbers. Use ribbon for additional flare.

Jars of Spice

I’ve seen these DIY gems everywhere online this year! Grab a pint jar or a pan, and your favorite fruits, spices and herbs. Combine with water and safely heat on the stovetop for an amazing aroma throughout your home.

DIY Scented Candles & Logs

Why buy something when you can easily make your own? Take any unscented candle and place a drop of your favorite fragrant oil right next to the wick. You can also use essential oil on your logs for the same effect next time you use your wood burning fireplace.

If all else fails and there’s just no time, a tasty batch of baked cookies also does the trick. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season!


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